The Regular Expression Component Library is a free component that enables the use of regular expression searching in a C++ program. The term "regular expression" comes originally from the UNIX operating system. It denotes a string of characters in which some of the characters, commonly called meta-characters, have special meanings that allow for searching of data based on patterns. This allows for an extremely flexible and dynamic searching ability as well as providing a means to verify that data matches particular patterns.

Regular expressions have been used extensively in editors, compilers, and data verification programs among others. A more practical use is to verify the data a user enters into a program. Regular expressions have also been integrated into some computer languages, most noticeably scripting languages such as JavaScript, Perl, and Python. Regular expressions have also been added on to other languages in the form of modules or libraries.

The Regular Expression Component Library uses a property-method-event architecture to make it easy for programmers to access its functionality.

Latest versions, with most recent changes first:

Version 3.1.5 of the Regular Expression Component Library is the latest version for Visual C++ 8 ( VS 2005 ) and is a bug fix version of the previous 3.1.4 version.

Version 3.1.0 of the Regular Expression Component Library is the initial version for Visual C++ 9 ( VS 2008 ). It is fully compatible with the latest version for Visual C++ 8 ( VS 2005 ).

Version 3.1.3 of the Regular Expression Component Library is the latest version for C++ Builder 3, C++ Builder 4, C++ Builder 5, C++ Builder 6, Visual C++ 6, Visual C++ 7 ( VS .NET 2002 ), and Visual C++ 7.1 ( VS .NET 2003 ).

This library is based almost entirely on a generic C++ library created by Dr. John Maddock. I have made some enhancements to this underlying library to support Regular Expression Component Library features. Dr. Maddock's underlying library is extremely fast, flexible, and powerful. I have simplified the interfaces so that the component is extremely easy to use but still retains nearly all the power of the original library. The latest version of Dr. Maddock's generic C++ library is now the Boost Regex++ library at An older version of the Regex++ library, which supports C++ Builder 3, can be found at do not need the files from this library, however, as all the files needed by the component are included in the download here.

The Regular Expression Component Library is fully supported by me and by my company, Tropic Software East. If you have any questions about the library, or want to report a problem or make a suggestion, you can e-mail me. My name is Edward Diener and I am a professional C++ consultant. I hope you enjoy this component and will look into other components I will be presenting in the future through my company. Good programming and good luck !