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Components are reusable implementations of programming ideas that can be "plugged in" to particular programming situations. The ideal component can be reused in many different situations and makes the task of creating software applications much easier. Components can also be easily extendable to cover more specific tasks from a more general programming task.

Components may be language dependent or language independent. A particular component may have both language dependent and language independent implementations. A component may also have a dependency on a particular compiler/programming environment and/or a particular operating system.

My current programming language is C++. I am also doing some Java programming. My components may be:

1) A generic C++ class
2) A Borland Visual Component Library ( VCL ) component
3) A Microsoft Microsoft Foundation Class ( MFC ) class
4) A generic Java class
5) A Java bean
6) An ActiveX object or control

or possibly some combination of the above. My C++ components are written for Microsoft Windows, Java components are written for the Internet and Java 1.2 . ActiveX objects are written for Microsoft Windows. CORBA ORBs are written for any OS that supports the generic CORBA ORB specification.

All components are fully supported by me, Edward Diener, and by my company, Tropic Software East.

If you have any problems using a component, or have any suggestions or ideas about a component, please e-mail me about it.